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About Us

Mr & Mrs Construction & remodeling company

For the last 25 years, our professional family has provided excellent luxurious house remodeling services; which includes but are not limited to Bathroom Remodel, Kitchen Remodel, Complete Remodel, and Room Addition. We are officially a Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Company, this quality makes us reliable and trustable in the construction and remodeling industry. We know what craftsmanship it takes to get the job done right; even though our business has grown, we still offer personal service at our client’s door step.

Why Choose Us

At Mr. and Mrs. Construction & Remodeling, we make it our mission to improve your home by bringing your artistic vision into reality. As a local, family-owned construction & remodeling company, we understand the importance of a spacious, luxurious, and affordable house. Our professional team members are highly skilled and experienced in the construction and construction management. We have team members with degrees in construction and civil engineering. At our company, we value skilled craftsmanship, material quality, and unmatchable project management. We believe that well-built & long-lasting home remodels can only be created through skilled craftsmen, by using quality materials, building to high quality standards, and supported by proper project management. Professional management also means that we run an efficient company and can also pass the savings on to our clients.


We breathe quality into our projects. We do it by taking every small detail into consideration, which can add and enhance the quality. To ensure quality is not compromised, we are always there to guide you when procuring materials for the remodeling project.

Timekeeping & Scheduling

We acknowledge that remodeling is a decision that involves a certain amount of time and money. From start to finish, we keep track of time and implement work ethics that ensure your project is started on time and finish as per the schedule and in line with the proposed budget.

Safe and Secure Construction

We guarantee the safety of your home while construction work is in progress. We only work with our long term trusted contractors. Technical staff who will be working at your home, are professionals and scrutinized with required background checks. Hence your home is in safe hands while in the remodeling phase.

Excellent Customer Service

We care about our clients. Hence we provide the best customer service to them. We understand the attachment between clients and their homes. We always strive to keep our projects as an open book and appreciate and incorporate clients’ ideas and suggestions. We encourage our clients to communicate with us to understand their needs and dreams to deliver the project that fits their requirements and lifestyles.

What Makes Us The Best

It’s our One-Stop-Shop, where we provide our customers everything they need in order to complete their remodeling. Architects, Designers, Site Measurements, Work Plans, 3D-RENDERING, City Approvals, Material Procurement, Contractor’s Execution; each and everything is available to our client’s through our unique and professional Customer Care, because we care the most about our client’s satisfaction.

When it comes to a Bathroom Remodel we strive to provide you an exceptionally splendid experience.

When it comes to a Kitchen Remodel we know how mesmerizing you want it to be.

When it comes to a Room Addition we know how tinny places are made spacious.

And when it comes to a Complete Remodel we aim to get you the most out of your dream home by using the highest quality materials, expert craftsmen, and exceptional services.

Phase 1
Discussion Phase
We meet our clients and know their ideas and visions about their remodeling project. We discuss with you the timeline, your budget goals, and your expectations. It is the first yet the most integral part of each project we take, as it enables us to understand clients' needs in detail.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Proposal Phase
We present our clients with detailed work scope and what they should expect from us while remodeling their space.
Phase 2
Phase 3
Design Phase
Our engineers and designers make site visits and take all the necessary measurements. Then architectural drawings are drafted to bring your vision on papers. We also offer 3D rendering services to show our clients how their kitchen, bathroom, or room will look after the remodeling project. As we are a licensed remodeling company, we take care of all city approvals.
Phase 3
Phase 4
Procurement Phase
After the client agrees with the proposal, we encourage our clients to participate with us in procuring the right materials for the project. From paint  colors to pieces of furniture, clients choose the best item to purchase backed with our expert advice.
Phase 4
Phase 5
Build Phase
We start the building phase with our trusted contractors. We guarantee the safety and security of your home while it is under renovation. Our expert team ensures that the project is running on time and is on schedule. Our customer service team keeps you informed about the timeline and the status of the completion of work.
Phase 5

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow as a trusted home remodeling company by improving our clients’ homes by bringing their artistic vision into reality through our experience of designing, building, and remodeling.