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Room Addition

Although adding a room requires kosher planning and execution, it must not affect the existing structure. It must suit well with the master design of the home. The overall cost of room addition service depends on factors such as the level of space-extension you want to make and the extent to which demolition will be required. It is also vital to take foundation walls, plumbing, and electrical work into consideration. Mr. and Mrs. Construction and remodeling company can help create beautiful room additions that turn out to be the great inclusion in your dream home.

How Do We Do It?

Due to various factors, a room addition is a complicated job. But we have made it simple for our clients by offering them a cost-efficient solution. Being a design-build firm, we provide an end-to-end value chain. We start by sending our best surveyors to analyze and evaluate the measurements and perform other technical checks. While we acquire approvals from the city, we complete designing tasks and procurement of finished goods and material. Our team of project managers takes pride in prioritizing your room addition task and keeping it on the schedule and handing over your new space on time.

Why You Should Go for Room Addition?

Most of the time, homeowners miss out on the hidden space in their current home and opt to move out to a new place. Hence we ask our clients to consult us and let us show you how you can utilize the hidden space to make a new room addition. One more lucrative reason is obviously the boost in resale value that an additional room creates for your home.

Made up your mind but ran out of ideas of room addition? Do not worry as Mr. and Mrs. construction and remodeling is just a call away to walk you through the innovative and elegant designs of your new room addition.

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