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Hardscaping & Landscaping

Mr. and Mrs. Construction and remodeling company offers its services in hardscaping and landscaping. From planting trees to placing sprinkler systems, laying the artificial grass, or setting up beautiful pathways, we provide each landscaping service with proper planning and execution to ensure the beauty of your front or back yard garden.


We enjoy building extraordinary hardscaping fixtures that commend the outdoors of home and satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations. Our hardscaping services include, but not limited to, pool restoration, siding/stucco, pavers, tile, building fire pits or outdoor kitchens, patios or garages, front, back, and side yards of the house and fencing. We carry a portfolio of remodeling your outdoor space with options that are marvelous pieces of architecture decor.

How Do We Do It?

With so many options flowing continuously, it is not an easy task to settle down to one ideal choice that will reflect your vision and be realistic. Hardscaping and landscaping services need a lot of creativity. Hence our designers take the tiniest details of a client’s idea, study them, and blend in our expertise to bring out the best option for your outdoor space. Once the designing phase is complete, we go into the procuring phase with you to purchase the best materials and items that are durable, according to budget. More importantly, making them fit right into your visualized image of outdoor space. Then the job is handed over to our technical artisans who will craft your vision into reality. The finished project will add exceptional beauty to the first look of your home.

Why Should You Go for Hardscaping & Landscaping

Mr. and Mrs. Construction and remodeling company rebuilds the outdoor space into the scenic landscape or hardscape so clients can enjoy their time outside their homes. There is nothing better than having coffee in your patio and enjoying the rain. 


We consult our clients and make them realize the benefits of having these services. Such as having a pathway between the lush carpet of grass can keep it safe from getting ruined by footsteps. We have several such ideas for utilizing the outer space which we want to share with clients. Call us now to schedule a meeting with our specialists.

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Among the service that are available with Mr. & Mr. Construction we Also provide construction management services, Some of the photos presented in our website were supervised, managed and designed by Mr. & Mr. Construction owner Lital ben but not work preformed.