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Rules to remember while remodeling your kitchen | the ultimate guide

We expend too much time on a regular basis in the kitchen. It is a spot where our friends and family can create, consume, and even socialize. We consistently want our kitchen to look tidy, simple and pretty, no matter whether it’s tiny or enormous. It has to be a part of our comfortable home, where we appreciate our meals and drinks. Maintaining a warm feeling in your kitchen is not difficult. We also categorized the key principles for kitchen architecture in this blog post. Are you interested in learning anything about the right kitchen design? Get familiar with the fundamental guidelines.

The work triangle

Have you known about the Work Triangle previously? Your world is about to be transformed if you did not know this before. The work triangle is a route that takes into account the cooking location, sink and refrigerator. During the preparation or washing procedures, this perpendicular path should not exceed 6 meters for your ease and rhythm. The key argument is that you cannot place these components adjacent to one another as line, so you can appreciate that the triangular format is used for these triplets.
You will have preparation areas on one hand and a fridge on the other hand if you have a U-shaped kitchen layout because the sink is in front of you. Or if you have somewhat of a kitchen hallway, you can have a stove area and a refrigerator on the same hand, whereas getting a sink in front of them on the other side. You may have a sink and refrigerator on the same side in L-shaped kitchen layouts whereas the burner stays on the other end.

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Welcome natural light

Most people don’t prefer cooking and consuming sitting under a bulb, obviously unless it’s dim or the sun has set. An ideal kitchen design will have maximum windows and skylights to allow natural light and air to enter the room. It makes cooking conditions more favorable and dining less claustrophobic. Not only that, but it adds to the natural beauty of your kitchen. Natural light and air will also help you get a stronger boost to open your eyes than coffee offers in the morning.

Smooth clean-up

If you live alone or are a stay-at-home spouse, you know how frustrating the post-meal cleaning process gets. It’s difficult and unavoidable. You’ll lack motivation to do it, but can’t skip it either. Well luckily, modern day kitchen organizing hacks will have you never miss cleaning processes again! Mhm, they’re smart and compelling. Compartmentalize. Organize your culinary equipment using drawers, stands, racks and shelves. Clear the counter slab from time to time to avoid a mountain of undone chores to pile up. Use small compartments to distinguish daily and occasional cutlery. Keep the trash can nearest to the work station to avoid going long distances that make you fall lazy. Besides, it’s the trash accumulation that you run from the most.