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5 Life-changing Tips to Revamp Your Bathroom

Most people effortlessly underestimate the desirability of aesthetically pleasing bathrooms in homes. Sometimes because they haven’t really thought over how they add value, and mostly because of the fact that they just don’t want to spend a leg or two. Well, what are the chances of people going to the bathroom in a gathering or so? But little did you know, people actually discuss every part of your home afterwards. And yes, especially the bathrooms.

Let there be light

Have you ever wondered that you look unusually nicer in bathroom selfies? That’s because of the abundant lighting over there. The concept of natural lighting is considerably underrated in the magical world of bathrooms. Although it looks rad, not gonna lie. Try to add windows and skylights. But not too many! You obviously don’t want neighbors peaking in while you shower.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Replacing your bathroom mirror can be great. In addition to your ceramic fittings, you must also look for a new and HUGE mirror for your bathroom. Choosing the right one might be slightly fatiguing considering all the options available in the market.
Many individuals who are remodeling their restroom for the very first time feel that replacing the original mirror with whichever alternative they prefer is acceptable. That is not the case, although. You should not use just about any mirror, as a bathroom mirror. Oh, theoretically, of course, you can. The argument, however, is that you shouldn’t. In many ways, bathroom mirrors are distinct from normal mirrors. Using regular mirrors can be hazardous for you and your family. Under federal laws, bathroom mirrors should be made from tempered glass which prevents injuries in case it breaks and shatters.

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Go for darker flooring

The first color you think of while imagine a bathroom is white. Hopefully, you’re not thinking of getting white flooring tiles for your bathroom. As aesthetic as they may seem, they are substantially difficult to clean. And you also don’t want to see hair strands lying around your washroom being so obvious.

Use clear glass walls

Bathrooms are usually smaller than the rest of the rooms in a common house. Although, it is frequently used. However, some hacks like installing mirrors, painting white walls and using clear glass shower walls may create an illusion of your bathroom looking bigger, and better.

Revamp your bathroom accessories

Add candles. Your bathing time will feel more royal. Get matching bathroom towels, rugs, shower and window curtains, bath shelves, make-up storage, bath bins, loofa baskets, hand wash and hand soap dispensers to go along the theme you set for your bathroom. It adds to the overall appeal and doesn’t even cost more than you’re already spending.


You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling your bathroom. The idea is very likely to discourage you from doing so. Be innovative. Think of money saving alternatives. Take the advice listed above and religiously follow it. Happy remodeling!