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How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger (and better)

Very often, people underestimate the value of a kitchen make-over. However, if you live by yourself, you’d know how much time you’d be spending in the kitchen all day, and how frustrating it can be. This frustration can be receded with an aesthetic kitchen revamp. It’ll make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and definitely worthwhile.
When pondering over remodeling your house, you have a thousand ideas regarding how you want your living room to look, which tiles you install in your bathroom, what plants will look nice in your hallway and so. A common man tends to run out of ideas while considering what they want their kitchen to look like. What is there to think about? Stove, oven, counter slabs, storage cabinets, sink, etc. However, there is a lot more to consider. Let’s have a look:

1. Be creative

It’s big brain time. Think of ways to fit more in small spaces, well this is literally what you’re here for, so here are some ideas. Consider all-in-one units. Your stove, sink and counter slab can all take 2 square yards of space. It’s a bit cram-full, but works just fine for small spaces. You can also fit wall cabinet units in the same 2 square yards too!

2. Use wall hangings for cutlery

Wall hanging hooks and stands work best in big and small spaces. Not only do they save space but are actually more accessible and convenient for cooks and anyone who has a hard time figuring out how the kitchen works. These accessories require little to no maintenance. They’re easier to clean. Luckily, they’re super pocket friendly too.

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3. Ditch the dining table

You need a small space for dining, not an entire eight seater dining table. Dining tables cost a fortune, and take up a LOT of space. They’re high-maintenance, and make it difficult for people to walk around the kitchen. Unless you own a mansion, the thought of buying a fancy dining table is impractical. Use your kitchen counter slab as dining space. Cute stools on one or both sides will do the seating job, and they look far cooler than dining chairs.

4. Show off your culinary equipment

Save costs on extra drawers and cabinets. Use hanging stands and floating shelves to display your culinary beauts. They look appealing and take up less space in a practical way. That ice cream bowl your mum got you as a house warming gift needs to be up there on display. Your mum will definitely feel delighted to see it.

5.Get a skinny refrigerator

Refrigerators take up most of the space kitchens have which is why some people prefer keeping the fridge outside. However, refrigerators take up less space if they are taller and less wide. Also, where you keep your refrigerator also plays a major role in the overall order of your kitchen. It’s better if they’re placed in a designated fridge wall since they emit heat and take up room.