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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Many of us fantasize about owning a huge, luxurious bathroom with a heavenly bath tub and shower cabin, two washbowls, and maybe even an imperial sofa seat just for rest and relaxation during soaks. Oh, if you really are living that dream or otherwise, by using these techniques to give it a bigger appearance, you can let your bath measure up to its best extent. You can use any or all of these ideas for making your bathroom look twice as big, from wisely picking your paint color scheme and important decorations to implementing several innovative decorative tactics.
And if the bathroom in your home is tiny, it doesn’t need to look tiny. You may create the appearance of a bigger bathroom with a couple of variations or revamps, all without lifting a single wall. Let’s get right to work!

1. White is your new best friend

Using plenty of white tiles, white wallpaper, white washroom accessories and so on is one of the best ways to give your space a capacious appearance. Naturally, this colourless colour vanishes, leaving the area seem larger. It also mirrors, instead of consuming, any light sources.
White installments can render any room to look bigger, but in a bathroom they’re particularly successful. Although a bathroom normally already has several white components (for reference, the bathtub, toilet and washbasin), choosing white on other surfaces provides a sleek appearance that allows the room seem as airy as practicable.

2. Abundant lighting

Do you ever wonder why your selfie game is strongest in the bathroom? It’s the lighting. Since bathrooms are smaller and more lit (pun intended), you start to feel prettier staring at the bathroom mirror. Which is why you should put great emphasis on how you’re going to light your bathroom. Windows and skylights are visibly more pleasing and easier to clean. That way you can also install cute curtains to prevent your neighbors from peaking while you shower.

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3. Mirrors

Not only do mirrors give the appearance of more bathroom area, but they also project additional illumination back into the space. Try installing a bigger and wider mirror. With only a drill machine, and a few screws, pro-sized mirrors up to 5 feet long and 3 feet high will comfortably be mounted. DIY expenditures are just below $100 for this sort of installation.

4. Less vanity

Less is more. Try having a smaller vanity to leave a little more free space, instead of squeezing in the largest appliance you can, if you just don’t need full room. The area would feel less packed, and hence more spacious, by having a little negative space. And if your shower or bath is next to your mirror, you’ll enjoy even more of the extra free space.

5. Glass panels

Most people prefer a designated shower space; they may even need a separate room to install a shower. However, shower cabins go best with glass walls. They look prettier and add to the bathrooms overall airy feel. Other than that, they’re easier to clean too.